I have played the Indian tabla for several decades, and routinely perform with well known world musicians like Catherine Groom, Hibiki Ichikawa, and Hidé Takemoto.

In 2021, Hidé Takemoto and I started a music-art project called “Fingers HQ”. The goal of Fingers HQ is to showcase the intricate finger action on both the tabla and the guitar that releases the sound one hears as music.
Here is a single that we released in 2024: Jinglevisation.

Tabla and Physics

The unique construction of the tabla and the vibrational properties of its loaded membrane have important consequences for microscale device physics. They offer a unique solution to a long-standing problem in polymer-based micromechanical systems, where the quality of resonance of a vibrating microscale polymer membrane is known to be low. Together with my colleague, Mr Matthew Smith, we highlight this problem and our solution inspired by the tabla. Our article can be read on page 52 of the Selwyn College Calendar 2022-2023.