I am an academic at the University of Cambridge. My responsibilities span research, teaching and institutional leadership.

I hold a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the Cavendish Laboratory where we implement novel force mapping techniques for the measurement of nanoscale mechanics. We study multifunctional soft systems from organic semiconductors to biological matter.

I am a Fellow, College Lecturer, and Director of Studies in Physics at Selwyn College Cambridge. At Selwyn, I am responsible for teaching and teaching-related activities that span undergraduate admissions, interviews, organising tutorials, and monitoring the academic progression of students within the Natural Sciences Tripos. In addition, I teach masters level courses at the University on the topic of energy harvesting and energy generation technologies.

Institutional Leadership
I am a trustee at Selwyn College Cambridge, and serve on the access and outreach committee to help make Cambridge University accessible to students from economically underperforming parts of the country. I also serve on the graduate student funding committee at the Cavendish Laboratory and on several competitive research fellowship committees in Cambridge, contributing to decision-making around funding for postgraduate applicants and research.
From 2024, I work part-time at the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) of the UK Government on policy around advanced materials.